How to Buy a Vehicle
Table of Contents

Step 1: Find Vehicles

Step 2: Research

Step 3: Bid or Buy

Step 4: Complete Your Purchase

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Find Vehicles: Search

If you know what you want, and want to find listings quickly, try searching. Searching will bring you straight to vehicle listings where you can bid, buy, and make offers.
Search on eBay Motors by entering a vehicle’s make, model, year, or keyword in the Search field. You can also search by using the Make and Model pull-down menus on the Home page.

Searching will bring up a search results page with listings that match your keywords. You can refine your search by specifics like:
  • Generation (a range of years)
  • Year
  • Transmission
  • Fuel Type
  • Mileage
  • Color
... and more
For example, if you enter "Acura TL" in the search box, you'll be brought to a search results page with Acura TL listings. At the top of the page, “Acura” and “TL” will appear with a list of additional search options you can add to narrow down your search (like year, transmission, engine, etc.). Click the links to add these features to your search, or close them to broaden or change your search. Add and remove these options as much as you like – they are meant to help tailor the search specifically to what you want!