How to Buy a Vehicle
Table of Contents

Step 1: Find Vehicles

Step 2: Research

Step 3: Bid or Buy

Step 4: Complete Your Purchase

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Complete Your Purchase: Five Safe Buying Tips

You’ve completed the tutorial! Buying a vehicle on eBay Motors really is that easy - so easy that a car is sold every minute on eBay Motors. Review these final tips to ensure a safe purchase on eBay Motors.
  1. Never use Western Union, MoneyGram, or any other instant cash transfer method to pay for a vehicle. If you decide to pay in cash, do so in person.
  2. Always contact the seller if you have questions about payment.
  3. Check to see if the vehicle you’re interested in buying is covered by Vehicle Purchase Protection. Most vehicles are. Look for the Vehicle Purchase Protection message in the "Buy safely" section of the vehicle listing.
  4. If you secure a loan, make sure you’re clear on the terms. Consider using the Financing Center on eBay Motors to secure your loan. All loans offered through the financing companies in the Financing Center cover person-to-person sales, state-to-state transactions, and do not require that the vehicle be inspected.
  5. Always complete your vehicle purchase on eBay Motors (by placing a bid, buying through Buy It Now, or making a Best Offer). If you complete the transaction off of eBay Motors, you won’t be eligible for any protection programs.