How to Buy a Vehicle
Table of Contents

Step 1: Find Vehicles

Step 2: Research

Step 3: Bid or Buy

Step 4: Complete Your Purchase

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Research: Estimate Your Costs

Before you bid, buy, or make an offer, eBay Motors makes it easy for you to get smart about the total costs of purchasing your vehicle and estimating a fair price to pay for it.

Determine What You’re Willing to Pay

All bids on eBay are legally binding, so make sure you know how much you can afford. Use the Price Research tab on the vehicle type page to determine what a fair price is for the vehicle. You can then use the Financing tab on the vehicle listing page to estimate what your monthly payment might be or to find a financing company through whom you can obtain an auto loan.
Use your discretion. If the price of a vehicle sounds too good too be true, it probably is. Use extra caution or contact the seller to find out what may be contributing to such a low price (like damage or title issues).

Know Your Total Costs

If you are bidding on or buying a vehicle consider other potential costs such as title, registration, state taxes, and any shipping costs. Refer to your state's Department of Motor Vehicles Web site for guidelines on taxes, title transfer, and registration.
If the seller isn't local, determine if you will pick up the vehicle or have it shipped (typically, sellers can help arrange shipping, but buyers usually pay for it).
To estimate shipping costs for a vehicle, visit the Shipping tab on the vehicle listing page. eBay Motors offers quotes from a number of fully licensed and insured auto transport companies through GigaMoves. When signed in, you’ll see shipping cost estimates. You can even get customized quotes. You may be surprised at how affordable it can be to ship a vehicle!
If you plan to pick up the vehicle, you can get driving directions to the vehicle’s location or estimate the cost of flying to pick up the vehicle. Visit the Shipping Center for more information.

Apply for Financing

Buying what you want is easier when you can make affordable monthly payments. eBay Motors, together with several top lenders, can help you get the financing that you need for your vehicle purchase.
Click the Financing tab, available on every vehicle listing page, to get matched with a financing company that is right for you. A payment calculator is also available, so you can instantly estimate what your monthly payments will be. Securing financing can take some time, so don’t wait until the end of the auction to apply.
Visit the Financing Center to learn about arranging financing.

Confirm Your Identity with eBay

You are required to have a credit card on file with eBay if you place a bid for more than $15,000. You will be notified that you need to provide this information when you bid, so allow some extra time if you are bidding during the last minutes of an auction. Your credit card won’t be charged, it’s used just to confirm your identity — a safety measure meant to help protect both buyers and sellers from potential high-bidding fraud.