Vehicle Inspection
An inspection by an independent third party can benefit both sellers and buyers on eBay Motors.

How does an independent inspection help me as a seller?
Inspections increase potential buyers' confidence in the description of the vehicle's condition.

How do I get an inspection?
eBay Motors suggests arranging your inspection through InspectMyRide.

Does it cost me anything?
If the prospective buyer has already purchased the inspection, there is no cost to you. You may also purchase your own inspection report from InspectMyRide.

What do I do now?
Schedule an inspection by calling 1-877-91-REPORT or visit their website at Please make sure your vehicle is available for inspection on the date and time arranged.

DataScan Field Services Inspections offer:
  • Nationwide staff of trained inspectors
  • Inspections performed wherever you are—home, office, or any convenient location
  • Thorough but rapid inspections
  • Reports available online within 12-48 hours of your inspection
  • 150-point condition report (See a sample report)
  • Interior and exterior photography