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eBay Motors Security Center

MoneyGram Scam


This is an example of a common scam originating from non-eBay sites such as Craigslist. Please note that any offer that requires payment sent by MoneyGram or Western Union is fraudulent. These types of payments are not allowed on eBay.

Example A

Email addresses claiming to be from eBay such as "," "" or "" are fraudulent. Remember to check your My Messages inbox in My eBay any time you get an email from eBay to ensure that it is legitimate.

Example B

eBay Motors' customer support team is available to help users with numerous issues on the eBay Motors site. However, eBay does not provide pre-transaction verification on behalf of the buyer and will never insure the purchase of any vehicle.

Example C

MoneyGram and Western Union are prohibited payment methods on eBay Motors. eBay will never recommend that you use either to pay for a vehicle.

Example D

eBay Motors offers live chat support on our vehicle listing pages, but will never include links to chat support in emails or "invoices" to users. Beware of chatting with a fake eBay customer service representative if you receive an email with a link to live chat services.

Example E

Please be aware that the "easy steps" included in fraudulent emails often contain false information.For example, eBay never acts as an intermediary for buyers and sellers during the payment process. Suggestions that a seller will notify eBay regarding the payment process or that eBay might act as an agent or escrow service are inaccurate. eBay does provide Vehicle Purchase Protection for vehicles purchased on the eBay site and appear in the "Won" section of My eBay, but the program does not guarantee any transactions, especially if they occur outside of eBay.

Example F

eBay does not allow MoneyGram or Western Union as payment methods, so any instructions that suggest using these payment options are scams. In addition, eBay never acts as an insurer in any transaction, so any statements that say this are fraudulent.

Example G

eBay does not supervise or guarantee any transactions that occur outside of eBay or the eBay platform.