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eBay Motors - Deposits and Down Payments with PayPal

Making a deposit or a down payment is a normal part of purchasing a vehicle, motorcycle, or even a boat. eBay Motors enables sellers to offer deposits and buyers to make a deposit during an online transaction. A deposit solidifies the commitment between buyers and sellers by serving two purposes:

  • The seller is assured that the buyer is committed to completing the purchase.
  • The buyer can feel confident that the vehicle will not be sold to another individual.

Why use PayPal for Deposits?

eBay Motors encourages buyers and sellers to use PayPal for deposits because it's fast and secure. Whether you choose to fund your PayPal payment with a credit card or bank account, your financial information is never shared with the seller. Also, PayPal payments are traceable and you can track the status of your payment through My eBay or your PayPal account.

How Does it Work?

  1. Sellers specify a deposit amount and PayPal as a payment method during the listing process. Sellers can require an immediate deposit of up to $500 or up to $2,000 on a standard deposit from the winning bidder at checkout.
  2. As with any terms of sale, the seller's deposit requirements will appear in the listing, so a buyer will know ahead of time whether the seller accepts PayPal.
  3. The winning buyer follows simple, step-by-step instructions to pay the deposit through PayPal. Buyers can choose any payment methods supported by PayPal, such as credit or debit card.

Marketplace Safety Tip

eBay does not recommend the use of instant cash wire transfer services, such as Western Union, for payments. While sellers may offer this option, they cannot require you to pay this way. If you suspect a seller is trying to commit fraud by insisting on payment through an instant cash wire transfer, please decline to use it and report the seller to eBay.

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