How to Sell a Vehicle
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Step 1: Prepare to Sell

Step 2: Create Your Listing

Step 3: Manage Your Listing

Step 4: Complete the Sale

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Create Your Listing: Set Terms of Sale

Your listing will be your primary means of communication with potential buyers. Therefore, it is important for the buyer and the seller to understand and agree to the terms of sale.
As you create your listing, you should specify the following information:
Payment Terms
Describe your requirements for payment in detail. Let the buyer know if you require a deposit, what payment methods you accept, and when the balance payoff (or full amount if you do not require a deposit) is due.
It is a common practice for eBay Motors sellers to require a deposit within 72 hours after the end of a successful listing. Specify the amount of the deposit and a reasonable period of time in which you expect to receive it. Consider using PayPal to accept deposits via credit card and bank account deposits online, because this is a standard form of payment used by eBay buyers.

Balance Payoff Amount
Specify how and when you'd like the balance to be paid. Most sellers require a certified check, money order, or some type of financing.

Financing Through eBay

Let buyers know that they can apply for financing at the eBay Motors Financing Center or on the Financing tab before they place a bid or offer to buy your vehicle. Deals may close faster with loans arranged through the Financing Center. Consider providing a link to the Financing Center in your listing.

Shipping or Pickup

It is standard practice on eBay Motors for the buyer to make the arrangements and pay the costs associated with picking up or shipping the vehicle. Specify who will pay for the shipping and whether you will be willing to deliver the vehicle within a specific driving distance. Many eBay Motors buyers will drive or fly to the seller's location to pick up the vehicle. As a seller, you can facilitate the fulfillment of the sale by making it easy for buyers to understand their options.
Sellers will often provide estimates of shipping costs to various locations around the U.S. eBay Motors also provides buyers with an option to arrange shipping in the Shipping Center and on the Shipping tab associated with any vehicle. Always include your city and ZIP code in your listing. Buyers can use this information to get a free online quote for vehicle shipping.

Vehicle Inspection

Specify whether you have already performed an inspection or you would allow your buyers to have the vehicle inspected at their own time and expense prior to the close of sale.
eBay Motors recommends arranging inspections through SGS Automotive. With their 150-point vehicle inspection, SGS Automotive helps you build the confidence that is crucial to any vehicle or motorcycle sale. Learn more about SGS Vehicle Inspections.

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