How to Sell a Vehicle
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Step 1: Prepare to Sell

Step 2: Create Your Listing

Step 3: Manage Your Listing

Step 4: Complete the Sale

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Prepare to Sell: Gather Information About Your Vehicle

To create an eBay Motors vehicle listing, you will need to gather important information about your vehicle to insure a smooth listing process and a successful transaction.
  • Print and complete the Sell Your Vehicle Checklist
    Save time by printing and completing our short and easy-to-use checklist to record all of your vehicle information before you go online to create your eBay Motor's listing. This checklist will identify all the information you'll need to sell your vehicle.

  • Be prepared to provide the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
    If you are listing a vehicle that is newer than 1981 the VIN is required. Even if your vehicle is older than 1981, it is good to include the VIN in your listing.

  • Know your vehicle history
    If you are not the original owner, it is worthwhile to run a vehicle history report. Make sure that any branded title or history of the vehicle (such as Flood or Salvage) is appropriately disclosed in the description. Even if you've got a current clean title, if there was a salvage title in the history, you must disclose it to buyers.
  • Locate the vehicle title and have it ready to transfer to the new buyer
    • If the title is not in your possession currently, disclose any liens or other limitations on title transfer in the item description, because it could take extra time for you to secure the title and transfer it to the buyer. You may need to contact your lien holder to determine timing and steps of acquiring the title.
    • You may want to run a check on your vehicle to make sure the title information kept in public records is accurate. Your insurance company or your state's Department of Motor Vehicles should be able to provide you with this information. You should disclose information about the vehicle title in your listing.
  • Check with your Motor Vehicle Department about other requirements.
    Some states (such as California) require that the seller complete a smog check, pay taxes, or meet other requirements before selling a vehicle to a new owner. Check with your state Department of Motor Vehicles about your obligations when selling a vehicle.

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